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Elopement, quickie or second-time-around weddings

A wedding for two can be just as beautiful as a large wedding. Whatever your reason, opting to elope over planning a traditional wedding can be a refreshing and fun way to tie the knot nad we offer a Wedding Package that includes all that you need.  But where to start? All you really need to worry about is a marriage officer/minister to perform the ceremony and organise the marriage licence, accommodation and a photographer to record the moment. You need two witnesses, so the photographer can be one and ask him to bring an assistant who could be the other. Once that’s sorted, all else will fall into place.

1. The first step is making the decision   You have probably had sleepless nights worrying about the consequences of not including your friends and family, but by the time you have to face the music, you will be happily married! If your parents don’t approve, brace yourself for the family conflict, but you know that!

2. Decide when to tell everyone. Is this going to remain secret until after it all happens? If not a secret, then ease back into the good books of those who feel jilted, by promising a welcome home party with a slide show or video capturing the “I do” moment. You may be sad one day that you missed the opportunity to capture a grand affair on camera to share with your children, but if you have some lovely pictures of your special day, they won’t mind at all.

2. Determine your budget and choose an elopement destination.  Naturally we are biased and suggest KwaZulu-Natal on the tropical east coast of South Africa lapped by the warm Indian Ocean. You may like to book one of our ready-made  wedding packages   whether you want a beach wedding, quickie wedding, second time around wedding, or we can custom-make a package to combine a marriage ceremony with any honeymoon destination in KwaZulu-Natal.

Imagine having a private ceremony in a lush tropical garden, on safari or somewhere with a magnificent sea view, a romantic dinner for two, and a night in a luxury bridal suite. Wake up as a married couple to the dawn chorus of hundreds of birds in the indigenous forest outside your window or with the sound of crashing waves.

Our elopement packages range from R6 800, where we offer a modest bed and breakfast establishment or you could splash out on a night at a five star hotel and still return home with marriage certificate and plenty left over to throw a party.

.3. Decide who will attend. Often when couples see the destinations we offer, their decision to go it alone dissolves and they invite one or two close friends and family to attend.

4. Making it legal. If you are not a south African resident, our marriage officer will advise you of our laws and what you will need to register your marriage in our country. Many couples opt to marry legally in their own country and then have a non-legal ceremony in the location of their choice. In general, a marriage license is a legal permit to marry. It confirms that you are both free to wed, are of legal age to marry. You will each probably need to bring most of the following:

• photo ID
• certified copies of your birth certificates
• death certificate, if widowed
• divorce decree, if divorced

You will need two witnesses. Our packages always include a photographer and a wedding co-ordinator, who will step up and sign.

5. Choose your ceremony. If there are only two of you to consider you have freedom of choice when it comes to the type of ceremony you would like plus the location, time, vows, rings, dress, flowers and music.

6. Packing for your romantic wedding should be simple. Choosing which kind of gown will dazzle your man might depend where your wedding will take place – on the beach, in a garden or on safari. you don’t need to wear a conventional meringue wedding dress – unless you really want to. In all the excitement please don’t forget:

  1. The wedding dress and the groom’s outfit. No matter how informal your wedding, it is best to carry your wedding dress on the plane with you. Check with the airline in advance.
  2. The rings
  3. Shoes – or not, if you’ve opted for a beach
  4. Your documents


  • Marriage officer to conduct ceremony and all the legalities with home affairs
  • Draped arch or four poster gazebo for the beach or chapel (depending which one is available when you book) plus labour to help set up and take down.
  • Registration table and table cloth plus 2 chairs
  • Bridal bouquet of mixed blooms of your preferred colour and greenery
  • We arrange your wedding from A to Z.
  • Become your personal consultants and offer advice and expertise
  • Find you a venue or choose a suitable beach if you require us to do so
  • Organise the décor and flowers and items that need to be hired
  • Recommend and book the above items plus other services you will need including, photographers, florist, wedding cake and décor designers, make-up and hair stylists and more … These are trustworthy people that we work with, all offering good value for money
  • A wedding schedule is compiled to manage the timing of events with the wedding party and suppliers so that everyone knows what they are doing and WHEN everything is supposed to happen.
  • On the day a consultant will be in the background directing operations so you don’t have to worry about anything other than preparing yourself for  your special day.
  • If you are interested please contact


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