Wellspring Wedding Planners In KwaZulu-Natal http://whiteweddingkzn.co.za Mon, 22 Jan 2018 16:34:34 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.9.3 White Wedding http://whiteweddingkzn.co.za/white-wedding http://whiteweddingkzn.co.za/white-wedding#respond Mon, 14 Nov 2011 12:36:29 +0000 http://whiteweddingkzn.co.za/?p=693 www.whiteweddingkzn.co.za is our web site domain name.  For those who want a wedding on the south coast of KZN, we plan all kinds of weddings, including White Weddings. But where did the term white wedding originate?

The tradition of wearing a white wedding dress is commonly credited to Queen Victoria’s choice at her wedding to Prince Albert in 1840.

In [...]]]> www.whiteweddingkzn.co.za is our web site domain name.  For those who want a wedding on the south coast of KZN, we plan all kinds of weddings, including White Weddings. But where did the term white wedding originate?

The tradition of wearing a white wedding dress is commonly credited to Queen Victoria’s choice at her wedding to Prince Albert in 1840.

In South Africa where couples often plan two weddings, the term ‘White Wedding’ refers to the wearing of a white bridal gown is often used to differentiate it from a ‘Custom’ wedding where bridal wear is dictated by cultural traditions.

Would you believe it, royal brides, before Victoria, did not wear white. They wore heavy brocaded wedding dresses embroidered with white and silver thread, whereas the non royal brides wore any colour. White dresses were seldom worn because they were so hard to clean. Wash ‘n wear fabrics had not been invented.

Etiquette books then began to turn the practice into a tradition and the white gown soon became a popular symbol of status that also carried a connotation of innocence and purity. By the end of the 19th century the white wedding dress was the garment of choice for elite brides in western countries.

Victoria's wedding dress Victoria white dress Victoria white wedding

A white dress showed that the bride’s family was so wealthy a dress could be worn just once. However, middle-class British and American brides did not adopt the trend fully until after World War II.

Of course, the white wedding style was given another significant boost in 1981, when three-quarter billion people—one out of six people around the globe—watched the wedding of Charles and Diana where she wore an elaborate white taffeta dress with a 25-foot-long train.  You can see that designers of Diana’s were inspired by Queen Victoria’s wedding dress. Wedding dresses have certainly changed in the last 25 years!

Diana and Charles D wedding Dress D and C

If you would like us to assist you with your white wedding in KwaZulu-Natal please contact Lesley on lesley@wellspring.co.za

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Beach Weddings http://whiteweddingkzn.co.za/beach-weddings http://whiteweddingkzn.co.za/beach-weddings#respond Tue, 02 Aug 2011 22:27:22 +0000 http://whiteweddingkzn.co.za/?p=610 By Lesley of Wellspring Wedding Planners – specialist in planning weddings on the south coast of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

South Coast

We are able to assist with  the planning of weddings and specialise in elopements and small weddings up to 50 people. Most of our wedding pictures are posted on https://www.facebook.com/wellspringweddingplanner/photos_stream

The Wedding Planning Beach Ceremony Package

We  [...]]]> By Lesley of Wellspring Wedding Planners – specialist in planning weddings on the south coast of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

South Coast

We are able to assist with  the planning of weddings and specialise in elopements and small weddings up to 50 people. Most of our wedding pictures are posted on https://www.facebook.com/wellspringweddingplanner/photos_stream

The Wedding Planning Beach Ceremony Package

We  will discuss a beach location on the south coast. On the day we will greet you on the beach to make sure all goes well. Everything is planned beforehand. .  .

  • A Marriage officer
  • A table on which to sign the register
  • A bridal bouquet (not tulips or arum/calla lilies/vark ore because they wilt at the coast).
  • A beach permit (we apply to the beach authorities for you – a permit is required by law).
  • You will need two over 18-year-old witnesses. We can arrange for two if you are eloping.
  • Bridal arch plain, white draped, to add to the general wedding ambiance.
  • This ceremony package is the same price for any sized wedding (even just the two of you).
  • Extras, like flowers and chairs, are available. You fill in a form and choose what you want.

The above package includes all the essentials for a beach ceremony. If you are interested contact Lesley on lesley@wellspring.co.za Please enquire about our wedding planning reception package, too.

More … If your dream is to say, “I do” to the rhythmic beat of the waves and sand between you toes, it can come true. However, there are a few things you need to consider if you want to get married on a beach in KwaZulu-Natal.

The weather

The beach is lovely in good weather. But you must have a Plan B in case of inclement conditions. But we discuss plan B options. Tropical cyclones and flood conditions are commonplace – as are droughts. The coast does not get the short, sharp showers like inland towns. Rain can set in for a couple of days and its windy even on a good day. A beach you love today can be washed away in a storm by tomorrow, so it is always a good idea to have a wedding planner who can check that you beach still exists or warn you about a change of location the day before the wedding.

 Not that you’ll care, cocooned in your romantic haze. You’ll be immune to howling gales, pouring rain or scorching sun. But your guests won’t. There’s nothing less romantic than guests in their finery dripping with rain ,while the wind sandblasts their legs, and chills them to the bone. Neither is it fun sweating in the scorching sun. Bring on Plan B.

 Plan B – having an alternative location with a roof. This means linking your ceremony with a venue or a restaurant or where you are staying. Most options carry price tags. There are lots of lovely venues in KwaZulu-Natal where you can get married with an ocean backdrop without actually getting sand in your shoes. You need to implement Plan B at least three hours before your wedding – in time to notify the location change to those in charge of chair delivery, décor and flowers and allow for your arch to be moved and draped and your chairs to be set in position. Then your guests need to be notified (Whatsapp group) or somebody has to redirect them. Hopefully you have a wedding planner directing operations! You can have your photos taken on the beach and if the weather is really foul, you can dress up again the next day or even next month, when the weather is bound to be glorious. As long as you end up with beautiful wedding photos, it doesn’t matter when they get taken.

Red Tape surrounding a beach wedding ceremony

Hey, we don’t make the rules! It may come as a surprise that you can’t have a ceremony on the beach without getting a permit. Beaches in KwaZulu-Natal are under the control of the municipal sea shore by-laws and they expect you or your wedding planner to apply for a beach permit to ensure that you know the rules. There is a cost for a beach permit and here are the rules: no tents or marquees, no advertising, no vehicles on the beach, no booze, no litter, no confetti throwing, no encroachment on the promenade or grassed area, no nearer than 50m from bathing areas, no reception to be held on the beach, no horse and carriage on the beach or on the grass – not even a horse on its own – just in case you were think of bringing your steed. Rules may differ on some beaches but the bottom line is that municipalities don’t mind you being on the beach for the duration of your ceremony, but then they expect you to buzz off and play somewhere else.

 Number of Guests

If you want to wait until the last minute to change to Plan B, a beach wedding ceremony works best with smaller groups.  You need three hours notice for large groups, it can’t be left to the last minute. A wedding planner can handle any size group. Plan B can mean moving the ceremony into the reception venue – so be prepared for that to happen.

Private beaches

Nobody can own a piece of beach in KwaZulu Natal so there are no “private” beaches. If a remote beach with no facilities, is the one in your dreams be mindful of guest who need to use a toilet – there needs to be one within 3 minutes walking distance – maybe a porta loo. You don’t have to have those blue ones, you can hire a nice white flushing one that comes on a trailer, but they are costly. Lack of toilet facilities is another reason why having a large group on a beach becomes a challenge. Easy access and parking is also important for guests and those carrying and setting up a bridal arch, chairs and other decor. They will object and charge you extra “portage” if they have to clamber over sand dunes or bash through bush.

Sound System

Wind and breaking waves are noisy, especially if there’s an on-shore wind. If it is important that all your guests hear you say “I do” then consider having a DJ with a silent generator or a battery operated sound system. This powers a PA system and also supports a CD player or  keyboard.  Otherwise have your chairs in a circle or semi-circle so that everyone is within earshot. No power = no music, so consider having a violinist, saxophonist  or an acoustic guitarist  to entertain and create a magical ambience – even if you don’t hear every note because of the surround sound wave pounding.

Bridal Attire

Well, if you are opting for sand in your toes, why spend money on high heels? Warn your guests, too. If you intend having a full-on reception with dancing afterwards, have beach a pair of each event. Bring a dry towel and talcum powder to clean your feet afterwards.

Brides who opt for beach weddings don’t usually wear elaborate, crystal encrusted, stiff wedding dresses. A soft, frothy, flowing, feminine gown that billows in the wind looks beautiful against a backdrop of breaking waves. But, hey, it’s your day, wear whatever your heart desires.

Have a veil designed with the wind in mind. Try it on in front of a fan and see what it does. You might find that a veil flapping about your face becomes irritating. A long, very light veil  that you can hang on to during the ceremony might work best, but  make sure it is anchored tightly with combs, velcro, Alice Band or even a hat, or it will blown  to Australia. Ask your bridesmaid to make sure your veil is kept under control. Who says you need a veil anyway?


Unless you have a very small wedding where you can bully your guests into getting up before dawn, forget mornings. Our beaches face east and that’s where the sun rises (but, you know that). After sunrise and before 3pm the sun is so bright your eyes will be screwed up in all the photos or else you will be wearing sun glasses. After 3 is best although that’s when the wind blows, but don’t worry, the photos will be lovely.








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Wedding Cake http://whiteweddingkzn.co.za/wedding-cake http://whiteweddingkzn.co.za/wedding-cake#respond Mon, 20 Jun 2011 14:23:08 +0000 http://whiteweddingkzn.co.za/?p=593 Choosing A Wedding Cake and Cake Baker

A wedding cake is the focal point of your reception. If guests forget all else about your wedding, they will always remember your wedding cake, so it is worth having the knowledge we provide in this article. Read it and before you make decisions about cake design or even the [...]]]> Choosing A Wedding Cake and Cake Baker

A wedding cake is the focal point of your reception. If guests forget all else about your wedding, they will always remember your wedding cake, so it is worth having the knowledge we provide in this article. Read it and before you make decisions about cake design or even the flavour follow, visit a shop with a selection of cakes.

Enjoy  a few different flavours and write down your favourites. For your interest, multiply the cost of each slice by your number of guests. That will give you an insight of what your cake could cost and a better understanding of available types of cake and their flavours.

Know the colour scheme and theme of the décor in case you want the cake design to match. Armed with this knowledge you will be ready to make choices. Each tier can be a different flavour, so don’t argue about your favourites.

Wedding Cake Flavours

An inexpensive wedding cake option is to use your cake as the dessert. in which case choose a moist cake like chocolate mousse, or vanilla with a custard filling, and serve with berries and ice cream or cream.

If you would prefer to cut the cake and hour or so after dinner and serve with coffee – chocolate is always a good choice also carrot or fruit cake, cup cakes or petits fours. Here are some other flavours. Each baker has their own recipes.

  • White Chocolate Mousse
  • White Chocolate Raspberry
  • Chocolate Buttercream
  • Mocha Buttercream
  • Chocolate Fudge
  • Orange Buttercream
  • Lemon Buttercream
  • Berry Preserves with Pastry Cream
  • Apricot Preserves with Pastry Cream
  • Chocolate Ganache
  • White Chocolate Ganache
  • Pepperment crisp
  • Red velvet

Choosing a cake baker

  • Ask your wedding planner to recommend a reputable wedding cake baker. If you do not have a wedding planner, then find a baker in the area where you will be holding your reception to make transportation easier. Your venue will usually have a list of preferred suppliers.
  • Make sure that your baker is able to deliver & set up the cake to the reception, (by far the best option as you do not have to deal with the possible mishaps of well meaning , but inexperienced friend transporting and setting up the cake). Of course  if your wedding is way out of town, you might need to transport your cake. In this case, ask your cake maker for advice when choosing your cake. A more solid type of cake is less fragile. Also check that you baker has strong boxes in which to transport the cake and make sure each box is numbered for easier setting up!
  • Once you have decided on a cake baker, book your cake. Wedding cakes take time and cake makers can only handle limited orders. Most will require a 50% deposit on acceptance of their quote, with the balance paid before the wedding, not only will you be paying for the cake but also their expertise, experience & service.
  • Organise your cake when you have your venue and colour schemes etc and do not be shy to call a few weeks before the wedding to make sure all is going well.

Wedding Cake Shapes

Though round tiers are still the favourite, tiers that are square, rectangular, octagon, and hexagon are gaining popularity, as do tiers of different shapes stacked together. For example, round tiers on square or hexagon tiers. An inexpensive wedding cake is arectangular shape which can serve twice as many people as round cakes. So if you are having a large wedding, you could have a small elegant round cake on display for cutting and behind the scenes have rectangular cakes ready to be cut and served.

Traditional wedding cakes usually have three to five tiers stacked upon each other. A variation is to display each layer individually next to each other connected by a motif or individual cakes displayed on cake stands of varying heights. Another idea is to have beaded cake boards separating the tiers.

Use a fake Styrofoam layer to add height and volume to the cake without the expense of a cake layer. The fake layer provides a perfect place to attach flowers or cake jewelry.

Unique Wedding Cake Designs

How about having a cake as a centerpiece? An individual single layer wedding cake for each table to makes a spectacular and edible centerpiece. For additional fun, guests are invited to cut and serve the guests seated at their table.

Go for the real stuff. If you want to have your cake decorated with flowers or fruits, then go for the real and fresh stuff instead on having icing replicas made. This is because cake topping and additional decors can be expensive. Fresh fruits like strawberries are much less expensive and can even look better and more unique.

Money Saving Cupcake Wedding Cakes

Cupcakes or individual mini cakes are becoming increasingly popular as an inexpensive wedding cake option. Alternatively have a one layer cake on top of cupcake tower. Another money saving idea is to have a cupcake tower on each table as an edible centerpiece instead of a vase and flowers. You could perhaps have four flowers to decorate the tower. Donuts are also favoured for this because they represent a wedding ring.

  • They do not require special skills and can be home-baked way ahead of time and frozen
  • They can be lavishly decorated and makes a wonderful edible centerpiece to be enjoyed by all. A nice hen party idea is to ice the cupcakes.
  • They can have different flavors, various delicious fillings, and have different colours and decorations.
  • You can order cupcakes or single layer cakes in a supermarket bakery.
  • They eliminate all slicing and serving costs for which your caterer may charge.
  • You could have different icing colors and/or themes for your centerpiece cakes to distinguish the different tables. Then have matching place settings and place cards.

Whether sophisticated, whimsical or anywhere in between, cupcake and mini cake centerpieces are unique and gaining popularity fast

  • If you are having children at your wedding they will love the cupcake idea and if you have a family already, you can have a cupcake layer to represent each child
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Shopping For A Wedding Photographer http://whiteweddingkzn.co.za/wedding-photographer http://whiteweddingkzn.co.za/wedding-photographer#respond Tue, 14 Jun 2011 15:43:36 +0000 http://whiteweddingkzn.co.za/?p=568 How to choose a wedding photographer in KZN

Shopping for a wedding photographer isn’t like choosing an off –the-peg wedding gown – you can’t see it until it’s done – so it’s a leap of faith. This is especially difficult considering that there are so many of them! Most couples believe that they should start by looking [...]]]> How to choose a wedding photographer in KZN

Shopping for a wedding photographer isn’t like choosing an off –the-peg wedding gown – you can’t see it until it’s done – so it’s a leap of faith. This is especially difficult considering that there are so many of them! Most couples believe that they should start by looking at a wedding photographer’s work. No, first look at your budget. Most photographers charge by the hour for their time and expertise, then add the products like albums and wedding photo books.

You need to set your budget at between 10% and 15% of the total cost of your wedding. Your wedding planner will know the Prima Donna photographers who serve only the rich and famous and those who offer more reasonably priced packages. If you don’t have a wedding planner, by process of elimination, you’ll have to cross off the photographers you can’t afford.

The second thing to ask yourself is: how long you want the photographer to be at your wedding? Most photographic packages offer from 6 to 10 hours. But you could ask for just three hours, especially if yours is a small wedding. Decide whether you want just the ceremony and speeches shot or want the photographer there from the bride getting ready right up until the first dance.

Once you have narrowed it down, then it is time to look at the photographer’s technique. The trouble is, all the photos will look great on web sites and flyers, making a choice confusing. But here’s what to look out for.

If you love the idea of unusual photos then go for the photographers who shoot dramatic scenes of brides draped over rusty old tractors or backed up against peeling walls of abandoned buildings.

If you are the arty sort, then go for photographers whose work is different, but be careful of  photographers who are just too caught up in their own artiness. You’ll recognise their work by the over empahsis on cloud formations or morphed shots, taken at funny angles, never mind the décor and flowers that the bride paid so much for, these  will be mere swirls to show off  the photographer’s new technique. You’ll see silhouettes with birds wheeling over the heads of unrecognisable couples but no portraits of the bride and groom actually smiling at the camera and no close ups of the bead work of the bride’s dress either, its like, “Hey man, just look at my cool seascapes!”

If you are an ordinary couple wanting beautiful memories for the rest of your life, go for photographers who have actually captured the joyful essence and loving looks between smiling couples. There should be pictures of all the elements you’d expect the bride and groom wanting to remember like the bouquets, cake, wedding dress, flowers, décor and the rings. Then nice photos of  loved ones who shared the day.

If possible meet the photographer before you make a decision. Most people are camera shy so it is important to establish a rapport with your photographer. Ask to view an album or photo book and after a chat,  go with your gut instinct. You’ll know who you feel most comfortable in dealing with and who will make you feel relaxed and at ease on your big day.

Getting on well with the photographer and having one that is smartly dressed, clean and tidy is a big plus. Comment on appearance and ask that they be dressed in a similar way on your wedding day- no tatty jeans and worn T-shirts.

Don’t be afraid to ask the photographer about his or her experience and ask them to run through a typical wedding day with you of what happens and the planning and preparation the photographer does. Do they check out the venue beforehand? Do they have an assistant? Are they willing to work from a checklist that you give them for any particular shots you want? It is a good idea to get the most important people photographed straignt after the ceremony while  everyone is still fresh and then the rest of the guests photographed during the reception.

Once you get a quote, make sure that you understand exactly what you get for the package and make sure you understand the difference between a photo book, storybook and album. Double check everything. A key question is about the photographer retaining copyright over the images after the wedding. Some do and some don’t. This will be reflected in the price. You will need to think about the costs of printing extra photographs and albums after the wedding if this is the case.

Don’t be afraid to ask for references and check out those references. A lot of wedding photographers are recommended by a friend or word of mouth.

Find out how soon after the wedding your photos will be ready. Some photographers take ages, so get an approximate date. Now weigh up all of the above; the package, the price, people skills and photography skills.

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Elope! http://whiteweddingkzn.co.za/elope http://whiteweddingkzn.co.za/elope#respond Tue, 24 May 2011 16:27:56 +0000 http://whiteweddingkzn.co.za/?p=500 Elopement, quickie or second-time-around weddings

A wedding for two can be just as beautiful as a large wedding. Whatever your reason, opting to elope over planning a traditional wedding can be a refreshing and fun way to tie the knot nad we offer a Wedding Package that includes all that you need.  But where to start? All [...]]]> Elopement, quickie or second-time-around weddings

A wedding for two can be just as beautiful as a large wedding. Whatever your reason, opting to elope over planning a traditional wedding can be a refreshing and fun way to tie the knot nad we offer a Wedding Package that includes all that you need.  But where to start? All you really need to worry about is a marriage officer/minister to perform the ceremony and organise the marriage licence, accommodation and a photographer to record the moment. You need two witnesses, so the photographer can be one and ask him to bring an assistant who could be the other. Once that’s sorted, all else will fall into place.

1. The first step is making the decision   You have probably had sleepless nights worrying about the consequences of not including your friends and family, but by the time you have to face the music, you will be happily married! If your parents don’t approve, brace yourself for the family conflict, but you know that!

2. Decide when to tell everyone. Is this going to remain secret until after it all happens? If not a secret, then ease back into the good books of those who feel jilted, by promising a welcome home party with a slide show or video capturing the “I do” moment. You may be sad one day that you missed the opportunity to capture a grand affair on camera to share with your children, but if you have some lovely pictures of your special day, they won’t mind at all.

2. Determine your budget and choose an elopement destination.  Naturally we are biased and suggest KwaZulu-Natal on the tropical east coast of South Africa lapped by the warm Indian Ocean. You may like to book one of our ready-made  wedding packages   whether you want a beach wedding, quickie wedding, second time around wedding, or we can custom-make a package to combine a marriage ceremony with any honeymoon destination in KwaZulu-Natal.

Imagine having a private ceremony in a lush tropical garden, on safari or somewhere with a magnificent sea view, a romantic dinner for two, and a night in a luxury bridal suite. Wake up as a married couple to the dawn chorus of hundreds of birds in the indigenous forest outside your window or with the sound of crashing waves.

Our elopement packages range from R6 800, where we offer a modest bed and breakfast establishment or you could splash out on a night at a five star hotel and still return home with marriage certificate and plenty left over to throw a party.

.3. Decide who will attend. Often when couples see the destinations we offer, their decision to go it alone dissolves and they invite one or two close friends and family to attend.

4. Making it legal. If you are not a south African resident, our marriage officer will advise you of our laws and what you will need to register your marriage in our country. Many couples opt to marry legally in their own country and then have a non-legal ceremony in the location of their choice. In general, a marriage license is a legal permit to marry. It confirms that you are both free to wed, are of legal age to marry. You will each probably need to bring most of the following:

• photo ID
• certified copies of your birth certificates
• death certificate, if widowed
• divorce decree, if divorced

You will need two witnesses. Our packages always include a photographer and a wedding co-ordinator, who will step up and sign.

5. Choose your ceremony. If there are only two of you to consider you have freedom of choice when it comes to the type of ceremony you would like plus the location, time, vows, rings, dress, flowers and music.

6. Packing for your romantic wedding should be simple. Choosing which kind of gown will dazzle your man might depend where your wedding will take place – on the beach, in a garden or on safari. you don’t need to wear a conventional meringue wedding dress – unless you really want to. In all the excitement please don’t forget:

  1. The wedding dress and the groom’s outfit. No matter how informal your wedding, it is best to carry your wedding dress on the plane with you. Check with the airline in advance.
  2. The rings
  3. Shoes – or not, if you’ve opted for a beach
  4. Your documents


  • Marriage officer to conduct ceremony and all the legalities with home affairs
  • Draped arch or four poster gazebo for the beach or chapel (depending which one is available when you book) plus labour to help set up and take down.
  • Registration table and table cloth plus 2 chairs
  • Bridal bouquet of mixed blooms of your preferred colour and greenery
  • We arrange your wedding from A to Z.
  • Become your personal consultants and offer advice and expertise
  • Find you a venue or choose a suitable beach if you require us to do so
  • Organise the décor and flowers and items that need to be hired
  • Recommend and book the above items plus other services you will need including, photographers, florist, wedding cake and décor designers, make-up and hair stylists and more … These are trustworthy people that we work with, all offering good value for money
  • A wedding schedule is compiled to manage the timing of events with the wedding party and suppliers so that everyone knows what they are doing and WHEN everything is supposed to happen.
  • On the day a consultant will be in the background directing operations so you don’t have to worry about anything other than preparing yourself for  your special day.
  • If you are interested please contact lesley@wellspring.co.za


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Wedding Jitters: Cold Feet? http://whiteweddingkzn.co.za/wedding-jitters-cold-feet http://whiteweddingkzn.co.za/wedding-jitters-cold-feet#respond Tue, 15 Feb 2011 16:05:11 +0000 http://whiteweddingkzn.co.za/?p=400 OK, so you have pre wedding jitters. It is quite normal to get wedding cold feet before the big day and doesn’t mean you have to call the whole thing off or that this is the dreaded “gut feel” that you’ve made the wrong decision or that you are not in love with the person you are about to marry.

It simply means that you are intelligent enough to realise that getting married is a momentous occasion with far reaching implications. Indeed, any sportsman will tell you that nervousness is not necessarily a bad thing. It is just a natural reaction to the anticipated change in circumstances. However, there is a difference between a bad case of jitters and downright alarm. You have every right to stop the wedding if:

  • There is abuse: physical or emotional
  • Addiction: drugs, alcohol, or gambling
  • Serious family issues: parental disapproval or discordance
  • Sex: unpleasant or hurtful or downright weird
  • Betrayal: cheating, stealing, or dishonesty
  • Religion: conflicting beliefs that cannot be resolved
  • Offspring: different plans for having children
  • Spending money: opposing attitudes/philosophy
  • Sexual orientation: your partner’s preferences are different from what you were led to believe

If none of the above apply then how about trying to re focus your thoughts?

1) Forget the size of the wedding, how much it’s costing, your mother who is being too helpful, the flowers and concentrate instead on the big picture – You’re committing to the one you love. Isn’t that amazing?

2) Try not to become too focused on what your friends are going to think about your flowers or centerpieces or whether they are going to like the food. Concentrate more on relationships. Spend some private time with your own family, give them some alone time. Get to know your in-laws. Give them a call and tell them you are looking forward to being part of their family. Focus on each other don’t lose sight of your love affair – that’s what’s important.

3) What if you have a sudden panic attaché during the ceremony? Take a deep calming breath and focus on the future – the huge step your are taking to seal your future happiness together. Also take time to notice the look of love in your partner’s eyes. Say to yourself, “I must remember how everyone is wishing us well. I must remember the proud expression on my dad’s face.”
From the moment of engagement to the wedding reception, if couples focus on what really matters – marrying someone they love – brides and grooms can help ensure a truly magical, memorable, less stressful wedding day. Pre wedding jitters, wedding stress or cold feet will be over as soon as you say, “I do.”

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Wedding Planner? http://whiteweddingkzn.co.za/wedding-planner http://whiteweddingkzn.co.za/wedding-planner#respond Sun, 13 Feb 2011 13:39:16 +0000 http://whiteweddingkzn.co.za/?p=391 What does a wedding planner do? A professional wedding planner’s job is to be the head organiser in turning YOUR dreams into reality. Much like a director brings a movie production alive or a conductor brings a symphony to life. A  wedding is your ‘show’, so get some help.

In the stressful process of planning a wedding – an outsider can provide helpful perspective in any situation. A wedding planner should be a calm and organized professional.  The wedding planner is also the master problem-solver.

A professional wedding planner can do as little or as much as you require and should have the following attributes:

1)  Extensive expertise in how to assist you in organizing and planning your wedding.

2)  A list of venues that really work well for weddings.

3) A working relationship with experts (wedding service providers) that you are going to need to get the job done. The benefits of hiring a wedding planner are that it can save you time and money.

4) A wedding planner will negotiate the best deals from wedding vendors and steer the couple in the right direction as they go through the planning process.

5) A wedding planner can also save untold time by making all of the formal arrangements, handling the budget and ensuring that all contracts and schedules are taken care of in a professional and timely manner. This leaves the bride and groom free to enjoy their special day without any worries.

6) A professional wedding planner should work within your budget and not cause you to spend more than you can afford.

7) A reputable wedding planner should be able to offer to procure and coordinate some, or all of the following services, depending on your requirements.

 Venue: Find a venue and coordination of ceremony and reception

Music : Source and coordinate of the services of a DJ and all other entertainment and musical requirements.

Décor and Flowers: Bring on board a florist and décor expert to enhance your theme and to coordinate their services.

Hair and make-up: arrange for a  beautician and hairdresser to come to the venue.

Stationery: coordinate and procure stationery required such as matching invitations, seating plan, thank you cards and menus.

Ceremony and reception. When it comes to the big day, a wedding planner is in charge of making sure that the bride, groom, wedding party, parents, officials and vendors are all in the right place at the right time. Any unexpected problems should be quickly and quietly resolved.

Marriage officer: if you do not have your own, a wedding planner will arrange for a licensed marriage officer to conduct your service and ensure that your marriage is legally registered.

Photography and Videography coordinate and procure the services of a photographer.

Transportation: Procure transportation for The Bride and Groom if required.

Formal Wear: A designer or dress maker for the wedding dress of the bride and bridal party will be procured if required. A hiring company for the groom’s attire can be recommended.

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How I wish I did not have pour icy reality on your dreams with the ugly subject of money.  When planning an affordable wedding most couples, (not you, of course) don’t realize that the very first step is not [...]]]> Tips on working out your budget – not including    the wedding gown or any other clothing

How I wish I did not have pour icy reality on your dreams with the ugly subject of money.  When planning an affordable wedding most couples, (not you, of course) don’t realize that the very first step is not finding a venue or deciding on a colour scheme,  it is about knowing what they can afford, who is going to pay and when the money will be available. Once that is sorted, all else falls into place. It’s called ‘managing your expectations’.

1. Any good wedding service provider needs to be booked months in advance and expects a 50% deposit to confirm a booking. Why such a high deposit? Well, there is a limit to what they can do in a day – usually a Saturday – and  brides and grooms are notorious for having a row and cancelling their wedding at the last minute (not you, of course). So you can’t book anything until you pay a deposit up front. Most couples have the mistaken notion that they can spread their expenses, well, you can if you start many months before, but if your wedding is less than 6 months away, you will need money up for  those deposits, so you might have to get an advance on your bonus.

2. Food cost per head. Go out for a 3 course meal or whatever you visualize for your wedding. The cost of wedding food could vary from R140 to R450 per head, unless you order buckets of KFC drum sticks or pizzas. Hey, we are not knocking fast food! A breakfast or lunch menu with lots of vegetables is usually cheaper than roasts. Sea food it the most expensive – even at the coast.

 3. Venue hire. Many don’t charge a venue hire but include it in the food cost, which would be higher than usual, perhaps R350 per head. Many venues charge a venue hire fee of between R3 000 to R15 000. An affordable venue in South Africa  usually includes tables, chairs crockery and cutlery.

4. Marquees. Don’t go this route unless you have a large budget. Marquee weddings are more expensive than weddings in a venue because you have add on a venue hire fee (unless it is on the beach) and then hire everything from a generator for the lighting and sound to portable toilets. For example the cost of a marquee that is large enough for 140 guests costs at least R10 000 and a floor is R12 000.

5. Beach weddings It is possible to have a lovely beach ceremony but our coastal weather is unpredictable, so there must be a plan B in case of rain like a tent on the beach or roofed venue nearby, so take this into account. You have to make the decision at least 3 hours prior to the ceremony so that chairs can be moved. For a beach wedding the minimum you need to hire includes chairs,  chair covers, bridal  arch with a few flowers, rose petals to make it look pretty, registration table then of course somebody has to deliver, set up and clear away. Budget at least R7 000 depending on the numbers. The there is the marriage officer, music and sound system, so it might be a little more. See our beach wedding packages

5. Photographic basic packages depends on your photographer.  Affordable photographic packages can range from R3 000 depending on the number of hours and if you want a photo CD only. It gets more expensive when you add hours and the photographer pastes prints into an album for you (cheaper to do the pasting yourself). Coffee table photo books are more expensive than having a traditional album. Cost of videographer could be R7 000 upwards. If your venue is out of town, a traveling cost and accommodation will be added. You will need to feed your photographer and videographer and perhaps 1 or 2 assistants, so add that to your food cost.

6. DJ. R4 000 to R8 000, this includes the sound system. You will need to feed the DJ and assistant if he has one.

7. Marriage officer or your priest/minister. The marriage officers we use, do all the paper work to make your marriage legal, no matter where you get married and that is about R2 000. Usually the marriage officer leaves before food is serviced.

8. Décor and flowers for the ceremony and reception. This includes the hire of vases or candelabras, candles, flowers, and overlays. Most tables seat 10 so divide the number of guests by 10. Now decide what you can spend per table on a centre piece, flowers and perhaps a gift for the ladies. The more flowers you have, the more expensive it will be. The average centerpiece is between R300 to R700 per table, depending on the vases and flowers that are used. Fancy silver candelabras are cheaper than vases.  If you want to upgrade what the venue offers and hire classy glasses, crockery and cutlery that will add to the cost per table.  Decide on a figure that you can afford.

9. Draping is expensive and charged by the running metre (width and length of the venue) and if you want to create a specific effect with all walls and ceiling fully draped, including chandeliers and/or fairy lights, of course, it is going to be costly. Some venues require very little draping while others need lots to bring your theme alive. Check your budget and then decide if you can spend money on draping. Alternativley choose a better looking venue.

Per head Take all the above costs into consideration and estimate your TOTAL spend per head. It is musch cheaper to elope, see our wedding packages

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