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Shopping For A Wedding Cake

Choosing A Wedding Cake and Cake Baker

A wedding cake is the focal point of your reception. If guests forget all else about your wedding, they will always remember your wedding cake, so it is worth having the knowledge we provide in this article. Read it and before you make decisions about cake design or even the flavour follow, visit a shop with a selection of cakes.

Enjoy  a few different flavours and write down your favourites. For your interest, multiply the cost of each slice by your number of guests. That will give you an insight of what your cake could cost and a better understanding of available types of cake and their flavours.

Know the colour scheme and theme of the décor in case you want the cake design to match. Armed with this knowledge you will be ready to make choices. Each tier can be a different flavour, so don’t argue about your favourites.

Wedding Cake Flavours

An inexpensive wedding cake option is to use your cake as the dessert. in which case choose a moist cake like chocolate mousse, or vanilla with a custard filling, and serve with berries and ice cream or cream.

If you would prefer to cut the cake and hour or so after dinner and serve with coffee – chocolate is always a good choice also carrot or fruit cake, cup cakes or petits fours. Here are some other flavours. Each baker has their own recipes.

  • White Chocolate Mousse
  • White Chocolate Raspberry
  • Chocolate Buttercream
  • Mocha Buttercream
  • Chocolate Fudge
  • Orange Buttercream
  • Lemon Buttercream
  • Berry Preserves with Pastry Cream
  • Apricot Preserves with Pastry Cream
  • Chocolate Ganache
  • White Chocolate Ganache
  • Pepperment crisp
  • Red velvet

Choosing a cake baker

  • Ask your wedding planner to recommend a reputable wedding cake baker. If you do not have a wedding planner, then find a baker in the area where you will be holding your reception to make transportation easier. Your venue will usually have a list of preferred suppliers.
  • Make sure that your baker is able to deliver & set up the cake to the reception, (by far the best option as you do not have to deal with the possible mishaps of well meaning , but inexperienced friend transporting and setting up the cake). Of course  if your wedding is way out of town, you might need to transport your cake. In this case, ask your cake maker for advice when choosing your cake. A more solid type of cake is less fragile. Also check that you baker has strong boxes in which to transport the cake and make sure each box is numbered for easier setting up!
  • Once you have decided on a cake baker, book your cake. Wedding cakes take time and cake makers can only handle limited orders. Most will require a 50% deposit on acceptance of their quote, with the balance paid before the wedding, not only will you be paying for the cake but also their expertise, experience & service.
  • Organise your cake when you have your venue and colour schemes etc and do not be shy to call a few weeks before the wedding to make sure all is going well.

Wedding Cake Shapes

Though round tiers are still the favourite, tiers that are square, rectangular, octagon, and hexagon are gaining popularity, as do tiers of different shapes stacked together. For example, round tiers on square or hexagon tiers. An inexpensive wedding cake is arectangular shape which can serve twice as many people as round cakes. So if you are having a large wedding, you could have a small elegant round cake on display for cutting and behind the scenes have rectangular cakes ready to be cut and served.

Traditional wedding cakes usually have three to five tiers stacked upon each other. A variation is to display each layer individually next to each other connected by a motif or individual cakes displayed on cake stands of varying heights. Another idea is to have beaded cake boards separating the tiers.

Use a fake Styrofoam layer to add height and volume to the cake without the expense of a cake layer. The fake layer provides a perfect place to attach flowers or cake jewelry.

Unique Wedding Cake Designs

How about having a cake as a centerpiece? An individual single layer wedding cake for each table to makes a spectacular and edible centerpiece. For additional fun, guests are invited to cut and serve the guests seated at their table.

Go for the real stuff. If you want to have your cake decorated with flowers or fruits, then go for the real and fresh stuff instead on having icing replicas made. This is because cake topping and additional decors can be expensive. Fresh fruits like strawberries are much less expensive and can even look better and more unique.

Money Saving Cupcake Wedding Cakes

Cupcakes or individual mini cakes are becoming increasingly popular as an inexpensive wedding cake option. Alternatively have a one layer cake on top of cupcake tower. Another money saving idea is to have a cupcake tower on each table as an edible centerpiece instead of a vase and flowers. You could perhaps have four flowers to decorate the tower. Donuts are also favoured for this because they represent a wedding ring.

  • They do not require special skills and can be home-baked way ahead of time and frozen
  • They can be lavishly decorated and makes a wonderful edible centerpiece to be enjoyed by all. A nice hen party idea is to ice the cupcakes.
  • They can have different flavors, various delicious fillings, and have different colours and decorations.
  • You can order cupcakes or single layer cakes in a supermarket bakery.
  • They eliminate all slicing and serving costs for which your caterer may charge.
  • You could have different icing colors and/or themes for your centerpiece cakes to distinguish the different tables. Then have matching place settings and place cards.

Whether sophisticated, whimsical or anywhere in between, cupcake and mini cake centerpieces are unique and gaining popularity fast

  • If you are having children at your wedding they will love the cupcake idea and if you have a family already, you can have a cupcake layer to represent each child

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