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Wedding Jitters

OK, so you have pre wedding jitters. It is quite normal to get wedding cold feet before the big day and doesn’t mean you have to call the whole thing off or that this is the dreaded “gut feel” that you’ve made the wrong decision or that you are not in love with the person you are about to marry.

It simply means that you are intelligent enough to realise that getting married is a momentous occasion with far reaching implications. Indeed, any sportsman will tell you that nervousness is not necessarily a bad thing. It is just a natural reaction to the anticipated change in circumstances. However, there is a difference between a bad case of jitters and downright alarm. You have every right to stop the wedding if:

  • There is abuse: physical or emotional
  • Addiction: drugs, alcohol, or gambling
  • Serious family issues: parental disapproval or discordance
  • Sex: unpleasant or hurtful or downright weird
  • Betrayal: cheating, stealing, or dishonesty
  • Religion: conflicting beliefs that cannot be resolved
  • Offspring: different plans for having children
  • Spending money: opposing attitudes/philosophy
  • Sexual orientation: your partner’s preferences are different from what you were led to believe

If none of the above apply then how about trying to re focus your thoughts?

1) Forget the size of the wedding, how much it’s costing, your mother who is being too helpful, the flowers and concentrate instead on the big picture – You’re committing to the one you love. Isn’t that amazing?

2) Try not to become too focused on what your friends are going to think about your flowers or centerpieces or whether they are going to like the food. Concentrate more on relationships. Spend some private time with your own family, give them some alone time. Get to know your in-laws. Give them a call and tell them you are looking forward to being part of their family. Focus on each other don’t lose sight of your love affair – that’s what’s important.

3) What if you have a sudden panic attaché during the ceremony? Take a deep calming breath and focus on the future – the huge step your are taking to seal your future happiness together. Also take time to notice the look of love in your partner’s eyes. Say to yourself, “I must remember how everyone is wishing us well. I must remember the proud expression on my dad’s face.”
From the moment of engagement to the wedding reception, if couples focus on what really matters – marrying someone they love – brides and grooms can help ensure a truly magical, memorable, less stressful wedding day. Pre wedding jitters, wedding stress or cold feet will be over as soon as you say, “I do.”

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