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Wedding Packages for Beach or Chapel Ceremonies, Celebration Dinners or Dinner Dance Receptions, Elopements, Second Weddings and Same Sex Unions



PRECIOUS THE BEAUTIFUL168029_108684025875458_100002015848093_60218_8058010_nLesley of Wellspring is an independent wedding planner/wedding organiser and offers a service ideal for busy couples who want their wedding to be organised properly with a professional on board to make sure everything runs like clockwork.

Lesley specialises in small weddings of no more than 30, including the couple. She  works with  photographers, florists, décor hire companies, wedding cake creators, marriage officers and all the other service providers you are going to need. She works within your budget and transforms your dreams to reality. Wellspring Wedding Planners source décor from hiring companies and make sure the set up is perfect.

If you book us and become our client our service includes organising your ceremony on the beach or in a chapel or church and then your celebration afterwards whether it is a dinner at a restaurant, dinner where you and your guests are staying,  or a dinner/dance at a venue. We recommend and get venue quotes from our tried a trusted list of preferred venues. If they offer a discount we can pass it on to you or negotiate a better price. We are not paid by venues to promote them, so they have to meet our standards.

All the packages below atomically include our wedding planning/ organising services such as booking a marriage officer, if required, and all other ceremony and reception requirements; we are able to arrange your wedding from A to Z or assist you where necessary unless you would prefer to be more hands on.  You tell us what you require and we make it happen.

For weddings on the south coast, our packages are adapted to suit you.

We do lots of beach ceremonies because we are based at the coast, but we  are able to organise garden and chapel ceremonies, too. We specialise in small weddings of up to 30 people weddings, elopements, second weddings, casual weddings, same sex weddings, any culture, any race – we organise the ceremonies and the celebration afterwards, no matter how small.



See our albums on our Facebook page or click on SHOWTIME  to view pictures of the variety of weddings we arrange. If any of our packages interest you and you would like to know more, please contact Lesley on please give two possible dates, number of people including the bridal couple and as much information as possible. Tell us which of our packages suit your requirements.


BEACH CEREMONY  All our packages include this. It is very popular with couples eloping or having up to about 30 guests. In case of bad weather, plan B is discussed with you in the early stages.

beach-set-up-blue-and-green-at-a-distanceOrganising a beach ceremony can be a mission for you, but we make it so easy that all you have to do is arrive. We organise and set up :

Marriage officer

Beach permit

Bridal bouquet

Registration table and 1 chair for use when you sign the marriage register

Bridal arch draped and decorated with flowers.

Through us you may order chairs for guests and extra flowers and so on …

The south coast with it’s vast beaches of fine sand and many rocky coves is stunningly beautiful. Fringed by lush tropical vegetation, these shores are washed by the warm Indian Ocean where the different shades of green and blue of the foaming waves make an incredible backdrop for your memorable photographs.

You may choose the beach ceremony only and organise your own celebration afterwards. We offer five different packages.


CEREMONY ONLY –   we plan and set up your beach ceremony and then you sort out your own celebration afterwards.


CEREMONY PLUS  DINNER IN A RESTAURANT – we plan and set up your beach ceremony and then recommend and book you in to a restaurant for a lunch or dinner no music or dancing involved. This suits  those who are eloping or second time around weddings, and no fuss weddings. We can recommend accommodation, in Pennington.

Your ceremony can be on the beach or garden or indigenous forest or in chapel or church, which we will set up for you and if you do not have music at your celebration and you do not expect the venue to be closed to the public, you will avoid paying a venue hire fee. This is perfect if you have a small wedding and are on a tight budget.

 We will book a breakfast, lunch or dinner afterwards and can assist with decor and other requirements. We can recommend venues or restaurants close beach – and some even have sea views.

If you want to dance, restaurant owners are not willing to be closed to the public for less than say, 40 people. Renting one of our private homes where you can dance the night away is a better option for smaller weddings. See below.


CEREMONY – PLUS  BEACH HOUSE ACCOMMODATION – MOST WITH GREAT SEA VIEWS where you and some or all your guests can make a make a weekend of it. We organise your beach ceremony (or a ceremony wherever you like)  and give you a list of our reommended beach houses. We can recommend and book you into a restaurant for lunch or dinner.


CEREMONY – PLUS BEACH HOUSE ACCOMMODATION WITH A CATERED DINNER AT THE BEACH HOUSE maximum 20 or a dinner/dance house party style wedding – maximum 24.  We organise the beach ceremony and recommend BEACH HOUSES WITH GREAT SEA VIEWS in Pennington or one near Port Shepstone.

Catered dinner In addition to accommodation package 4 would include having Lesley organise a catered dinner át the beach house with her preferred caterer. This works well for a maximum of 20 guests, depending on the beach house you choose. If you have more guests lets chat about the logistics. This will involve hiring extra crockery and cutlery and décor for the tables, perhaps a cake, and so on’…OR …

Dinner plus music We are able to organise a full on house-party type dinner with a DJ. Please be aware that these houses are in built up areas, so the music can’t go on after 11pm. The dinner will be professionally catered. You may have to pay a venue hire fee on top of the house rental because you will be using more of the house facilities and staff services, especially if you are inviting outside guests. These houses are close to beaches and golf courses, so your guests can have lots of fun. The coordination fee will depend on the number of guests and all the little details that have to be arranged.

You can also order a wedding cake through us and we can do table décor.

A dinner/dance house party, has a more casual intimate and relaxed feel and ideal for a group of less than 24 guests.

Spitbraai’s are very popular, but not for groups of less than 40 and we only have two houses where this is possible. So we need to discuss this.

 Package 5 .

CEREMONY PLUS A TYPICAL RECEPTION AT A VENUE. Yes, we do these too. Venues and hotels often have their own wedding coordinators but they could be busy with many other weddings. You would engage Lesley because you want somebody that you can trust and who will give you personal attention.   


The package includes organising the ceremony on the beach or in a chapel or a church plus the planning and coordination of a  dinner/dance at a wedding venue or hotel that  offers accommodation. As many guests as you wish. On the south coast, we can recommend up-market or more affordable venues. We work with a team of trustworthy suppliers to make your dream a reality regarding the décor/flowers,  DJ, cake, dress, limousine and more …

While we set up beach ceremonies, our receptions are all indoors because it rains on the coast all year round, but we have a list of recommended venues close to beaches and some have sea views. We do not assist with marquee weddings.


Our wedding planning service is ideal for busy couples who don’t have the time to spend hours surfing the net or paging through directories. It saves you risk because you only deal with one person, Lesley of Wellspring Weddings. We will help you plan, get quotes from reliable service providers and source and coordinate everything.