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White Wedding is our web site domain name.  For those who want a wedding on the south coast of KZN, we plan all kinds of weddings, including White Weddings. But where did the term white wedding originate?

The tradition of wearing a white wedding dress is commonly credited to Queen Victoria’s choice at her wedding to Prince Albert in 1840.

In South Africa where couples often plan two weddings, the term ‘White Wedding’ refers to the wearing of a white bridal gown is often used to differentiate it from a ‘Custom’ wedding where bridal wear is dictated by cultural traditions.

Would you believe it, royal brides, before Victoria, did not wear white. They wore heavy brocaded wedding dresses embroidered with white and silver thread, whereas the non royal brides wore any colour. White dresses were seldom worn because they were so hard to clean. Wash ‘n wear fabrics had not been invented.

Etiquette books then began to turn the practice into a tradition and the white gown soon became a popular symbol of status that also carried a connotation of innocence and purity. By the end of the 19th century the white wedding dress was the garment of choice for elite brides in western countries.

Victoria's wedding dress Victoria white dress Victoria white wedding

A white dress showed that the bride’s family was so wealthy a dress could be worn just once. However, middle-class British and American brides did not adopt the trend fully until after World War II.

Of course, the white wedding style was given another significant boost in 1981, when three-quarter billion people—one out of six people around the globe—watched the wedding of Charles and Diana where she wore an elaborate white taffeta dress with a 25-foot-long train.  You can see that designers of Diana’s were inspired by Queen Victoria’s wedding dress. Wedding dresses have certainly changed in the last 25 years!

Diana and Charles D wedding Dress D and C

If you would like us to assist you with your white wedding in KwaZulu-Natal please contact Lesley on

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